APRIL 26, 2020

JazzFest on Jackson is a music festival honoring both America’s original art forms and local Knoxville businesses. Join us as we transform West Jackson Avenue into a celebratory experience centered around music, art, food, and beverages. 


Due to the surge of growth in the Downtown Knoxville area and the need to expand, the community has been hit with several recent road closures. In particular, the closing of the ramp connecting West Jackson Avenue to Gay Street, along with the closing of the Broadway bridge, haaffected many merchants operating off of West JacksonIn order to celebrate the history of Jackson Avenue, and what is yet to come for resident businesses, JazzFest on Jackson is meant to cultivate a sense of community amongst localsWith inspiration taken from the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Fest, this festival pays homage to the artistic traditions that have defined our cultural palettes and helped to keep those traditions alive.  


The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Fest celebrates the roots of popular music highlighting jazz, blues, gospel, and soul music, as well as the cultural influence this music has had on southern culture. When planning JazzFest on Jackson, the music, art, and energy that echo from the city of New Orleans influenced many aspects of the event including the performances and mission. Just as the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Fest did, JazzFest on Jackson features local and regional artists that play an art focused on celebrating the community and its roots. 


To further support the Knoxville community, JazzFest on Jackson has partnered with BreastStrokes Knoxvillean organization dedicated to raising cancer awareness and empowering women through artistic expressions. A portion of the profits from JazzFest on Jackson will benefit BreastStrokes, as well as the money from their 2020 BreastStrokes Calendar sales. To learn more about their organization, their fundraising efforts, and how they impact the community, you can find information at their booth as well as from members volunteering at the event 

Our Sponsors

To bring this festival to life, JazzFest on Jackson has joined forces with the businesses that line West Jackson Avenue, serving as a reflection of West Jackson and the community it has created 

  • Formed in 1993, the Downtown Knoxville Alliance consists of Knoxville property owners within the Central Business Improvement District (CBID) who care deeply about the well-being of the city. Together, the businesses strive to attract and retain a thriving community of residents, businesses and visitors in Downtown Knoxville.
  • Balter Beerworks is a restaurant and brewery on the corner of South Broadway and West Jackson. Serving craft beers and made-from-scratch food, Balter refreshes its menu frequently to highlight seasonal foods and beverages. Its unique space, once an old service station, weaves urban aesthetics into its history, offering a space for friends and family of all ages to reconnect.
  • Born out of a love for classic American dive bars and barbeque joints, Sweet P’s BBQ and Downtown Dive serves craft beer, eclectic wine, and authentic BBQ. Relax in the Beer Garden while indulging in some signature sides and listening to live entertainment.
  • Knox Whiskey Works, Knoxville’s first distillery, is a small-batch craft distillery that partners with local farmers and artisans. Known for authentic, unique, award-winning, hand-crafted spirits, it is best known for their Old City Heirloom Corn Whiskey, crafted from local grown corn.
  • Morris Creative Group is a full-service marketing agency, providing strategic web development, branding, inbound marketing, and advertising solutions to clients. Established in 1991, MCG is proud to serve as a long-term partner in success for Knoxville businesses.
  • Dogwood Arts promotes and celebrates the art, culture and natural beauty of Knoxville. Some of these initiatives include inviting artists to produce murals, hosting an annual tree-planting program, and featuring the work of art students, and more.
  • BreastStrokes of Knoxville empowers women by encouraging them to come together in artistic expression, and also by providing financial aid to women in need. Through their artistic efforts, BreastStrokes works to raise cancer awareness, recommend cancer screenings, and further support the cancer community.
  • Established in 1939, Lipman Brothers was the first distributor of wine and spirits in Middle Tennessee. This top-choice distributor provides retailers, suppliers and consumers with wine, spirits, beer, mixers, Riedel crystal glassware and cigars, and more.
  • Founded in 2002, Sanders Pace Architecture is a regional design practice dedicated to designing diverse and complex buildings throughout East Tennessee. Intertwining both tradition and innovation in its work, Sanders Pace creates functional, yet modern, spaces for a variety of businesses.


JazzFest on Jackson is not only a celebration of jazz music. With a diverse lineup of musicians, artists, and food options, the festival is host to a wide variety of activities that honor American art. 

Art Market

Located in the lot of Sanders Pace Architecture, beside Knox Whiskey Works, the art market features handmade items from the region’s most talented artists and artisans. Here, you can bear witness to beautiful, artistic renderings of American culture. 

Jazz Brunch

Stop by Balter Beerworks from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. to enjoy a delicious, made-from-scratch brunch accompanied by a live jazz performance. 

Live Music

Visit any of our three stages to enjoy both local and national musicians as they perform live music ranging from blues and jazz, to R&B and soul throughout the day. Stages are located at Sweet P’s Trailer Park, The Standard, and in the lot between the Standard and Sanders Pace Architecture. The main stage area will also offer a beer and cocktail garden.


There will be parking options available all along West Jackson. Several businesses, including Balter Beerworks, will have their lots open. A public parking lot and street parking are also available. 


Spanning the entire west end of Jackson Avenue, the event will utilize the spaces of many West Jackson businessesStages will be located at Sweet P’s, the Standard, and Sanders Pace Architecture, with additional activities taking place at multiple West Jackson locations.  

Free Admission

JazzFest on Jackson was created to unite the community, which is why our event is a non-ticketed event. Our festival is affordable and available to people of all ages, so you can enjoy the live art with your loved ones for no admission fee.  


Music fans will experience a diverse lineup of artists performing live on three stages. The music provided will range from jazz, to blues, to R&B, all performed by musicians who hold a deep love for American roots music.


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